Without entrepreneurs working together, where would Northern Arizona be?


Our mission is to be the premier business association in Flagstaff adding value for members, enhancing the Region’s quality of life, and sustaining the success of the Tourism industry and other businesses.

The things we do best

Avoid wasteful spending

Asking for answers of justification for any spending deemed wasteful

Attracting new industry

Networking to influence other industry leaders to bring their business in to further aid economic development

Safeguard our cities and industry from negative impact

Voicing our opinion at State and City levels to minimize or mitigate any negative impact

Promote tourism

Actively being involved with CVB and Tourism Commission to help with strategic planning of promotions

Voice of FLRA

Collaboration of all business community to bring concerns to our elected officials


Support of local business growth and closely monitor laws that can have an adverse affect in our community

Tax watch dog

Voice our opinion in matters of any taxation that can impact out businesses

Governmental affairs awareness

We keep all of our members informed with any changes or considerations of decisions made by our city

Why Become A Member?

As a local hospitality business owner, it is crucial to have camaraderie with other business owners that are similar or support you. We stand together to make a world of difference when it comes to voicing our opinions to protect our investments and livelihood.

Sometimes we tend to forget the importance of it with all the busy and hectic work schedules. I highly encourage you to look at what FLRA can do for you and your business and consider becoming our life long partner in standing as a hospitality business community.

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